Starry MessEngers

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What is it?

Players are scholars, studies, and apprentices living and working in 17th century Italy, that will make discoveries that challenge papal authority through observation of the natural world. By writing of their observations they will forge a community and a more authentic expressive self identity through their letters.

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What is a round like?

Gameplay is divided into an introduction scene, a letter writing phase, and the claim of a discovery. Each session keeps going for as long as players can or until there is a discovery. After character creation is complete and relationships are established in the introduction scene, players will embark upon the longest leg of the session, the letter writing phase. During the letter writing phase players will be attempting to balance their social obligations and personal ambitions, while recording observations in nature and in the world around them in order to make a discovery.

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When is the game over?

A discovery is made after 3 observations have been shared with other players. Once a discovery is made and shared through letter to at least one player the session is over.