Main Characters

Unit 25


Unit 25 never had the opportunity to prove himself a worthy Chef, as the general consensus in this future society is that robots cannot cook. After surviving a year as a humble line cook he met his untimely end. He was overwhelmed with joy when he was given the new task, a welcomed break in the monotony of cutting, ... of taking out the trash. Beaming with excitement and forgetting his appearance, he attempted to cook for parts scavengers whom he encountered in the dark alley. More than a few slashing gestures were lost in translation and he awakened to two odd looking men looming over him, unable to move his body, completely terrified and broken. However his fear was very quickly overcome after a few repairs from the patient engineer Dol and by the promise of safety and the possibility of becoming a Chef by Buffalo Run owner and Chef Godan.

Upon serving his first few customers, Unit 25 realized that while he was skilled the only way to truly succeed in this world was to connect and embrace humanity by becoming a human. The feels are overwhelming...


Chef Godan


An underground spice dealer and restaurant owner, Godan  has only ever had himself in mind ...and with good reason. Godan has lived his entire life surrounded by threats to his survival. As a child he watched his family farm cripple. Human farmers were being pressured to buy  expensive new robots to work the land and speed up production but due to the damage to the land from the past wars, the plants never quite grew as they used to. When the farm inevitably failed, pill companies tried to swoop in to take the land, but Godan prevented that. He discovered that as long you don't get caught you can preserve your lifestyle, by doing occasional dirty dealing.

After discovering the remains of Unit 25 in the back alley where he usually met his underground contact, Godan decided to hire his retired friend to fix the robot. He only ever intended for Unit 25 to keep his business afloat if he ever had to make a get away but he got much more than that.

Dol The Engineer

Change Agent

Dol has worked for the government agency that created Unit 25 for the better part of his life. When the company that hired Dol to create the very robots that were replacing hard working folks like Godan's parents from agricultural work, Dol knew the tensions would cause a new civil war between man and machine. He decided to work on a set of robots that would one day become the diplomats between the inorganic and the organic under the umbrella of the multifaceted hospitality robotics corporation. This first set were cooking Units. However, once the human hosts of the cooking robots realized that they were gaining self awareness, the fear they incited caused them to be disowned and in some cases scrapped for parts. He was fired, but took the remains he found of his children home with him.

Upon finally being reunited with Unit 25 in his childhood friend's dive, he realized somehow this last model had lasted the longest. Maybe if he just ...woke it up... All of his work hadn't gone to waste.