Artist as Author

It is now May 1st.

I am officially done with half of my masters program at SVA. While I do believe that in any educational situation your effort determines what you gain from an institution and what you gain from your colleagues and professors, there are also times when a mentor says something in a lecture or in life that really strikes a chord and just changes you irrevocably.

I have learned through the program that the best thing you could do for yourself both as a professional and as a human being is to be honest with yourself. 

What does being honest consist of? What does it mean?

It means keeping yourself mentally stimulated daily and getting over physiological barriers you never dreamed possible by documenting your process. Once you understand how you work, everything becomes less intimidating. 

Keep honest track of the time that you spend because while that sounds neurotic and impossible we spend so much time on applications and social media that it's the least you could do.

On another note, you need to keep writing as much as you need to keep drawing. It's as insane as it sounds but it is achievable. 

In the month of May before I begin school again in June, I am going to keep a journal that I will publish using simple writing prompts from piccadilly's 300 writing prompts journal. It is going to be my way of reflecting and re-evaluating who I am, what I stand for, and what my interests are today. With this I hope to narrow down precisely what I want to tackle with my thesis that will in all likelihood determine my future career. No pressure. 

Digital Short Story Update

We are 1 week away from completion. Which is to say 1 week away from the digital files going up for revision. Here's the road so far! Definitely a lot of editing and grammar checking to come.